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Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Sam Pinkerton

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Sam Pinkerton has released three songs, all of which are available to download from her website. Her formula is simple: guitar, voice, feeling. It is amazing how much the pick of guitar can make you feel, especially when it is paired with a perplexingly calming voice – a voice with such a peculiar… Read More ›

Rock.Dance.Repeat. | An interview with Latenite Automatic!

February is an exciting month for Latenite Automatic. With the February 1st premier of their video for “Ghost Love” and the anticipated release of their debut album “You Are Electric?” on the 27th, the band’s hypnotic rhythms will now begin to raid your senses like a wildfire. Vancouver’s Jay Brown is the mastermind behind electronic, alternative,… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Rad Habits

Talking with Rad Habits about power pop, the understatement of Big Star, and getting Dad to like your songs. It’s a foggy, rainy, and shitty day as I sit down with vocalist Dylan Bowden and guitarist Mark Fosco of Rad Habits. Days like this beg for a band with a brighter disposition than the never-ending… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Matthew de Zoete

I don’t know about you, but ever so often, I crave to be totally immersed in a good story. So, when I stumbled upon Matthew de Zoete’s latest album, Colour Film, I prepared myself for a good storytelling as he suggested I should: I dimmed the lights, put on a good pair of headphones, and sat… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Cai.ro

It begins with the hush of an acoustic guitar, and it carries you over with solemn vocals. You are enticed to surrender to the swells of its melody and without warning, you are thrushed upon the shore. Undefined by a single genre, Cai.ro’s debut EP, “Young Love” carries you through unpredictable surges, with minimal sounds to… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Sunsplitter

You can call it the antithesis to some of today’s boneless music. Folk is witnessing a revival in the indie scene, and those who are nostalgic for rooted music are excited, including myself. Perhaps it’s the honesty of homegrown music that listeners crave nowadays or that people simply want to hear a good story. Regardless,… Read More ›

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