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MUSIC VIDEO: The Autumn Portrait’s “Ghost”

ABOUT GHOST “Ghost” is the latest music video from Vancouver native Freddie Mojallal, a.k.a. The Autumn Portrait. The location of this video may seem familiar to a lot of Torontonians – after experiencing a broken heart, Freddie relocated to Toronto to connect with his listeners through his sincere songs of loss and heartache. Filmed in… Read More ›

CONTEST GIVEAWAY: Celebrate Canadian Indie Music @ Steam Whistle Brewing’s UNSIGNED!

Steam Whistle Brewing will be hosting UNSIGNED #27 on Friday, November 29, and we are invited to join the party! But, of course, the party would not be the same without you, so we have one awesome prize package to give away. The prize package includes: 2 tickets to the show Refreshment tickets Steam Whistle goodies… Read More ›

Wave Maker Magazine goes to Edgefest 2013

It was a bold experiment: send a stuffy prog man into the heart of a notoriously mainstream summer rock festival and see what happens. The truth is, I went in extremely open-minded, as one probably should to something one knows little about, and I came out rain-soaked with a big smile on my face. Hey,… Read More ›

Five Alarm Funk is Funky: Rock the Sky

In a sea of homogenous pop music that blurs together so seamlessly that each new song on the radio seems to blend in with the last, Five Alarm Funk is a beacon of funkadelic light beckoning us to the shore. With multiple melodic horns accompanied by a barrage of percussion driving the band’s one-of-a-kind jazz/salsa/funk/metal… Read More ›

Cri de Coeur: The Wooden Sky’s “Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun”

Drag a simple hand-carved chair across the floor, and join the silence that is collecting in front of the stage.  Hush. Everyone is listening to the band. Notes fall from the air like paper airplanes and land in our laps.  The surrounding world dims in the fading light; the sun setting over the West End. … Read More ›

Consider the Balance Broken: An Interview with Chloe Charles

Bartenders are lighting candles around the venue, and band members are mixing tracks on their computers at the bar. Her publicist, manager, and agent are all in deep prep, moving around the room as a family would, smiling at her between placing cards and nutty snacks on the tables, and sending an encouraging look her… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: The Autumn Portrait’s Tired Love

I tend to become very skeptical when I hear of a new singer-songwriter releasing an album about heartbreak or lost love.  I’ve heard it all before, I think. My friends also say that nobody can top off Taylor Swift for heartbreak songs anyways (although I don’t listen to her music, so who am I to… Read More ›

Kelly and the Kellygirls @ Pride Toronto (June 30, 2012)

Kelly and the Kellygirls always put on a sizzling show! Check out the photos we took from their performance at Pride 2012!           Photos taken by Charmaine Santos

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Air Marshal Landing

Today marks the anticipated online release of Air Marshal Landing’s sophomore EP, Vitamins. It’s been three years since the release of their first EP, The Industry, and the boys are now ready to showcase their evolving sound. Like Pink Floyd’s Meddle, The Beatles’s Revolver, and  Bob Dylan’s Another Side of Bob Dylan, Vitamins is Air Marshal Landing’s transitional collection that offers… Read More ›

The Ninth Glenn Gould Prize Honours Leonard Cohen

The artistic contributions of Canadian poet, singer, songwriter, and novelist Leonard Cohen will be celebrated all throughout Toronto starting on May 7, 2012. The Glenn Gould Foundation has put together a series of free events which will showcase Cohen’s own artwork, street performances, film screenings of The Three Lennys, and many more. The Ninth Glenn… Read More ›

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