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SONG REVIEW: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds cover of Elvis Presley’s “In The Ghetto’”

It was only this morning that I found out that “Big Yellow Taxi” was written by Joni Mitchell. It’s a song I’ve heard thousands of times; it has haunted my adolescence from job to job and is unfailingly played while I shop for groceries (even at the time when I had a job stocking groceries)…. Read More ›

SONG REVIEW: Rowland S. Howard’s cover of Townes Van Zandt’s “Nothin'”

Hopelessness is probably the most arresting sentiment to pull across in a song. Usually undertaken alone, it must bleed through in prose, mood, and the overall structure of your discontent. This need to document despondency, and ultimately throw it out upon the common culture, is an attempt to exorcise emotion and offer it up to… Read More ›

SONG REVIEW: Starofash – “Walk With Me” and “Silva Magna”

The angel of sweet twisted soundscape that is Ihriel (Heidi Tveitan) is perhaps best known as the better half of former Emperor frontman Ihsahn. My obsession with dark, atmospheric, and deeply artistic music (as well as with Ihsahn himself) logicially led me to Peccatum, an exceptional act made up of Ihriel, Ihsahn, and Ihriel’s brother that acted as… Read More ›

Music Video & Song Review of SPC ECO’s “Push”

Trick question: what do you get when you combine a multi-talented and already musically successful father with his bright daughter, who is blessed with a voice that is bound to haunt your memory? You get SPC ECO, that’s what. SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) is the dynamic father-daughter duo composed of singer and lyricist Rose Berlin,… Read More ›

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