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SONG REVIEW: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds cover of Elvis Presley’s “In The Ghetto’”

It was only this morning that I found out that “Big Yellow Taxi” was written by Joni Mitchell. It’s a song I’ve heard thousands of times; it has haunted my adolescence from job to job and is unfailingly played while I shop for groceries (even at the time when I had a job stocking groceries)…. Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: The Lumineers – The Lumineers (2012)

Better late than never. I’ll admit I’m not the most ‘with it’ of people. I don’t listen to the radio unless someone else has it on. I don’t have cable, because I hate most of what modern television has to offer (and I strongly dislike being bombarded with commercials). I don’t really read other magazines,… Read More ›

No Lies: Spotlight on Scene

Every once and a while, absolutely fantastic new music comes straight out of nowhere and lights a signal fire to remind me that the future of music isn’t all that bleak. The feeling of excitement I get when this happens is what reinforces my faith and keeps me passionate about music. I mean, one can… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Sam Pinkerton

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Sam Pinkerton has released three songs, all of which are available to download from her website. Her formula is simple: guitar, voice, feeling. It is amazing how much the pick of guitar can make you feel, especially when it is paired with a perplexingly calming voice – a voice with such a peculiar… Read More ›

Nightmares and Dreamscapes: Spotlight on Dream Theater, Part I

More than likely, even if you’re mainstream out the arse, you’ve heard the name Dream Theater bandied about before. This band’s success is mystifying to me as they’ve been afforded a kind of legendary treatment despite having almost no mainstream exposure. I’ve put off writing about them in any great detail, mostly because some of what I’ll have… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: Camel – Moonmadness (1976)

It is very difficult to select just one record to cover from such a fantastic and underrated band, but we’d be here till the second coming if I were to go through all of Camel’s fourteen studio albums in detail. Instead, I’d have you take a look at the first one I ever picked up, and the… Read More ›

SONG REVIEW: Starofash – “Walk With Me” and “Silva Magna”

The angel of sweet twisted soundscape that is Ihriel (Heidi Tveitan) is perhaps best known as the better half of former Emperor frontman Ihsahn. My obsession with dark, atmospheric, and deeply artistic music (as well as with Ihsahn himself) logicially led me to Peccatum, an exceptional act made up of Ihriel, Ihsahn, and Ihriel’s brother that acted as… Read More ›

The Man in the Monocle: Milo Greene

Milo Greene is best played in a brightly lit living room on a Saturday morning, when all you want to do is relax and get to that space in your mind that comes right before you fall asleep. You delve into that magical place where you can lull, force your dreams to be what you… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: Sugar & The Hi Lows – Sugar & The Hi Lows, 2012

Sugar & The Hi Lows’ 2012 self-titled EP is a debut, of sorts.  Success is common for Nashville-based songwriters Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup, having more than 100 television appearances between the two of them.  But Sugar & The Hi Lows is something old made new. Stepping out from the world of singer-songwriters, Sugar &… Read More ›

Lemon Sorbet and “Diamond Rugs”: Both Dependable Palette Refreshers!

Can a heavy guitar make you feel like you just stepped out of a natural hot spring? Apparently it can. Diamond Rugs is the musical equivalent of a modern Walt Whitman poem – if Whitman was actually a younger Bukowski with a little more sensitivity to the grander themes in things. Historically, I have had… Read More ›

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