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Nightmares and Dreamscapes: Spotlight on Dream Theater, Part II

The nearly legendary progressive metal machine known as Dream Theater didn’t simply appear overnight, ladies and gentlemen. Thus, I have decided to take an album-by-album stroll through the band’s history in a series no shorter than three parts long. In the previous article, I ran through the history following the band’s founding in 1985, and toured their first… Read More ›

Music-Loving Bastards: Interview with Grauzeit

Dearest readers, if you’ve been following, you’ll remember the spotlight we published not too long ago on the German ambient metal group Grauzeit, containing my review of their then to-be-released EP Tyrannei der Tristesse. If you haven’t already, I strongly urge you to check the article out. If you’re low on time, I’ll give you the fly-by. Formed… Read More ›

Album Review: Brian Eno – Lux (2012)

Friends, the task of preparing a review for the great Brian Eno’s latest effort, Lux, is both a daunting task and an extreme pleasure for this particular astral traveller. It is difficult because it is an ambient work and is therefore designed to blend into the background and to stand out only enough to be memorable to the… Read More ›

Force Ten: 10 Ten-Minute Progressive Songs You Should Hear!

Hello readers! We all know progressive artists love a lengthy programme, and there are some truly fantastic prog tunes that stretch well past the twenty-minute marker, but what kind of challenge would it be to compile a list of super-long tunes? I opted instead to put together a list of epic progressive tunes that seemingly go the distance… Read More ›

The Choice Wasn’t Hard To Choose: Spotlight on Astra

Friends, I hope you’ll pardon the imagery when I tell you that Astra is a prog fan’s wet dream. Formed in 2001 as Silver Sunshine, the band took on new members in 2006 and renamed themselves Astra. Fortunately, unlike many of their peers, the band has managed to keep all of their members since the change. Hailing from… Read More ›

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