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Neil Young & Crazy Horse @ The Air Canada Centre (November 19, 2012)

For those of you who have never seen Neil Young live, don’t be fooled by the silver hair and the 67 years that he’s lived. Based on what I had witnessed at his concert last night, it seems that the years have done absolutely nothing to weaken Young’s energy and passion for his music and… Read More ›

PABLO’S RAMBLES ft. Elton John & America

While one blankets us with lush arrangements, the other sets our foot tapping with its minimal acoustic harmonies. Elton John and America provides my rambles with that desired diversity. Elton John – Elton John Before achieving that glitzy, pop superstar status in the late 70’s, Elton john was foremost a singer/songwriter of the highest caliber –… Read More ›

PABLO’S RAMBLES ft. James Taylor & Neil Young

James Taylor started it all; Neil Young pushed the envelope further. Below are two artists of the singer/songwriter genre that have always been on regular rotation in my playlist, and they are a staple in my Top 10. James Taylor – Sweet Baby James James Taylor set the pattern for the singer/song writer movement of… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Sunsplitter

You can call it the antithesis to some of today’s boneless music. Folk is witnessing a revival in the indie scene, and those who are nostalgic for rooted music are excited, including myself. Perhaps it’s the honesty of homegrown music that listeners crave nowadays or that people simply want to hear a good story. Regardless,… Read More ›

UNLOVED ALBUM REVIEW: Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s “Sleeps With Angels”

This album seems to be having a pretty tragic life: I, with no exaggeration, see at least one copy of it at every used record store I browse, every time. Fair enough; none of the songs have found their way into the popular Neil Young canon. But fuck it. I say this is the one… Read More ›

Pablo’s Top 10 Albums!

ABOUT PABLO: Pablo is presently the music moderator of wiredstate.com, a Philippine based audio forum. His main occupation is in the graphic arts industry, but he sidelines as a freelance music consultant. He has participated as guest/line producer/music programmer for local radio shows, such as Audiophile Jazz and Half and a Quarter Cruise, and he… Read More ›

Charmaine’s Top 10 Albums!

My Top 10 Albums will undoubtedly change over the next few years, but these 10 have served as the soundtracks of my life ever since I can remember. These musicians have given me consolation in times of loneliness and grief, and they have helped to further elevate my spirit in times of great joy. Take the time to listen to each album! You… Read More ›

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