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Top 10 Greatest Guitar Solos!

Without stating the obvious (ie. “Stairway to Heaven” and anything from Jimi Hendrix), my friends and I have compiled a list of our top 10 greatest guitar solos in rock. Now, the guitarists below are not ranked in a particular order. It’s virtually impossible to say who’s better than who, since each guitarist had paved… Read More ›

PABLO’S RAMBLES ft. Steely Dan & Led Zeppelin

“Jazz rock, Blues rock, even if it’s Funk rock, It’s still rock n roll to me . . .” Steely Dan – Aja Ok, is this rock? Or is it jazz? I also hear a sprinkling of RnB . . . The Dan had always had that distinctive sound that is hard to pigeon hole…. Read More ›

Pablo’s Top 10 Albums!

ABOUT PABLO: Pablo is presently the music moderator of wiredstate.com, a Philippine based audio forum. His main occupation is in the graphic arts industry, but he sidelines as a freelance music consultant. He has participated as guest/line producer/music programmer for local radio shows, such as Audiophile Jazz and Half and a Quarter Cruise, and he… Read More ›

ROAD TRIPPIN’ Playlist ft. Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Band, Led Zeppelin, BB King & The Doors

Yesterday’s early morning trip to Lake Erie with my family inspired me to create this playlist. With only a few cars in sight, the highways were quiet and were in desperate need of some classics to fill the silence. Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Zephyr Song It would have been too obvious to put Californication‘s Road Trippin’ as one of the tracks on this… Read More ›

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