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Album Review: The Keith Emerson Band – Three Fates Project (2012)

An air of the classical has been a part of the progressive rock genre from the very beginning. During the proto-prog outbreak in the late sixties, bands began using elements of that era (as well as folk and jazz) to expand upon the tried-and-true rock ‘n’ roll formula. It wasn’t long before the experiments expanded beyond simply bending… Read More ›

Three Fates Project: An Interview with Keith Emerson, Marc Bonilla & Terje Mikkelsen

Dearest readers, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that Wave Maker Magazine was granted an interview with three very important progressive minds on the occasion of the release of their brand new album Three Fates Project. I was excited enough to be able to interview legendary keyboardist Keith Emerson (of The Nice and Emerson, Lake and Palmer)… Read More ›

Keys To Ascension: 10 Prog Keyboardists You Should Hear!

Welcome back friends and travellers. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that Charmaine recently shared with us her list of ten greatest guitar solos and has inadvertently inspired me to put together this little list. In order to distance myself a little from that topic, I’ve chosen to focus on the keyboard since it has been such… Read More ›

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