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SONG REVIEW: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds cover of Elvis Presley’s “In The Ghetto’”

It was only this morning that I found out that “Big Yellow Taxi” was written by Joni Mitchell. It’s a song I’ve heard thousands of times; it has haunted my adolescence from job to job and is unfailingly played while I shop for groceries (even at the time when I had a job stocking groceries)…. Read More ›

Desert Island Discs Game!

The longest-running British radio show, Desert Island Discs, celebrated its 71st anniversary on-air last month on January 27.  Since 1942, some of Britain’s biggest names have appeared on the show as “castaways” to choose eight albums, one book, and one luxury they would bring if they were stranded on a desert island.  While not a… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Sunsplitter

You can call it the antithesis to some of today’s boneless music. Folk is witnessing a revival in the indie scene, and those who are nostalgic for rooted music are excited, including myself. Perhaps it’s the honesty of homegrown music that listeners crave nowadays or that people simply want to hear a good story. Regardless,… Read More ›

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