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ALBUM REVIEW: Beady Eye’s “BE”

The gear’s different and Beady Eye sure aren’t speeding this time out. Not a bad thing, really. Far from it – if anything, BE, the brit-rock quartet’s follow-up to 2011’s impressive debut LP finds the Liam Gallagher and co. flourishing while moving into ambitious new sonic territory. Okay, yes, the LP’s 11 numbers are very… Read More ›

Suede returns in elegant fashion with latest LP, Bloodsports

A listen to lead-off track “Barriers” says it all – the rolling drums, thrumming bass, dramatic keys, aching guitars, and of course, leading man Brett Anderson’s singularly emotive voice – this here is the real deal. Put another way, with the recently reunited brit-pop act’s long-awaited latest album, Bloodpsorts, Suede is back in all the… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: The Soft Pack’s Strapped

In the wake of a solid debut LP, some acts are seen as unfortunately falling into the sophomore slump while others only get better as they go on to explore new sonic terrain, refine their sound, or quite simply stick to doing what they do best. So then, put in such terms, where does L.A…. Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: Funkommunity’s Chequered Thoughts

“Futuristically classic” and “serious atmospheric funk” are just a couple of the things reviewers have been saying about New Zealand soul group Funkommunity’s distinct sound. Needless to say that with one start-to-finish listen through the ambitious act’s debut LP, Chequered Thoughts, you’ll very likely agree. Right from the motown-reminiscent and beyond catchy drums that announce… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: Scott Rudd’s “Demos” EP

The cover says it all: an unattended grassy expanse beneath the fading light of a dusky sky, and a background blurred to the point of inscrutability. This is mellow music that, in the rawest and most honest of manners, captures and explores the emotional terrain and fallout of a broken-hearted, aching soul. NYC photographer/folkie Scott… Read More ›

Rayvon Browne Haunting On Quietly Adventurous “Companion”

Folk, weirdo, antifolk, pretty sound – the bandcamp.com tags for Rayvon’s Browne’s Companion say it all. And yes, you did read right, across the release’s eight songs, the NYC songwriting force that is Morgan Heringer and Cal Folger Day seamlessly go from folk – particularly on the softly strummed mid-set “Queen” – to its fractured… Read More ›

CONCERT REVIEW: The Jesus and Mary Chain @ The Phoenix (August 3, 2012)

Far gone and out? Hardly. Cracking up? Not even close. No, if anything, these days find veteran Scottish post-punk outfit The Jesus and Mary Chain is arguably better than ever. To put it simply, the Reid bros and co’s workmanlike and roughly 80-minute set at the Phoenix was – and I promise this is the… Read More ›

Heyward Howkins leaves lasting impression on softly quirky debut LP “The Hale & Hearty”!

Less is more. Cliche saying? Yes indeed – but you can’t deny its straight-up truth. Evidently, as far as the 11 short, sweet, and folk-tinged tunes off his debut LP The Hale & Hearty are concerned, neither can Philadelphia’s own Heyward Howkins. Well, at least in some respects. Yes, when an album’s longest song runs… Read More ›

Fierce Creatures’s Catacomb Party a Lively, Rewarding Listen!

What a rush … Seriously, Catacomb Party may be a modest 10 tracks and 38 minutes long, but the Fresno-based, seven-person-strong collective that is the Fierce Creatures makes each moment count. In other words, at any point in any song off this ambitious spin, there’s a lot – and I mean A LOT – going… Read More ›

Experimental Rockers, Conveyor, Promising on Self-titled Debut LP!

Sometimes you can indeed judge a book by its cover. I refer you now to the magnificently colourful, psychedelic, and seemingly aquatic collage that makes up the cover art of Brooklyn-based experimental rockers Conveyor‘s debut, self-titled LP. Over the course of this 38-minute spin’s adventurous 11 tracks, the music pretty much matches the artwork. It’s a… Read More ›

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