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Music-Loving Bastards: Interview with Grauzeit

Dearest readers, if you’ve been following, you’ll remember the spotlight we published not too long ago on the German ambient metal group Grauzeit, containing my review of their then to-be-released EP Tyrannei der Tristesse. If you haven’t already, I strongly urge you to check the article out. If you’re low on time, I’ll give you the fly-by. Formed… Read More ›

MUSIC VIDEO: The Rest – Who Knows

ABOUT “WHO KNOWS” This is the fourth video in a series of ten, which will cover every song off of The Rest’s album SEESAW.  The video features a mental institution, geometry, Adam’s twin brother, 3D printing, hugs, science, birds, and explosions! You might be thinking, “… of course it does”, but The Rest swears that it’s… Read More ›

His star only keeps on rising: Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers

The Marriott Hotel on Bay Street was transformed from its typical hotel stature into a sort of agora for music-types — promoters, producers, managers and musicians of all sorts mill about, chatting with each other and on their phones. They’re sitting around, looking utterly exhausted. But hey, it’s Canadian Music Week, and nothing less than extreme… Read More ›

Consider the Balance Broken: An Interview with Chloe Charles

Bartenders are lighting candles around the venue, and band members are mixing tracks on their computers at the bar. Her publicist, manager, and agent are all in deep prep, moving around the room as a family would, smiling at her between placing cards and nutty snacks on the tables, and sending an encouraging look her… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Rad Habits

Talking with Rad Habits about power pop, the understatement of Big Star, and getting Dad to like your songs. It’s a foggy, rainy, and shitty day as I sit down with vocalist Dylan Bowden and guitarist Mark Fosco of Rad Habits. Days like this beg for a band with a brighter disposition than the never-ending… Read More ›

The Bills Are Back? Yes Please!

Every location is defined by a musical flavour.  Music enters the canon and is permanently linked to that place – the Blues for the Mississippi delta, the jig or reel for Ireland, and surf rock for California.  With their fourth album, Yes Please, The Bills look to create a sound that generations to come will recognize… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Cai.ro

It begins with the hush of an acoustic guitar, and it carries you over with solemn vocals. You are enticed to surrender to the swells of its melody and without warning, you are thrushed upon the shore. Undefined by a single genre, Cai.ro’s debut EP, “Young Love” carries you through unpredictable surges, with minimal sounds to… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Sunsplitter

You can call it the antithesis to some of today’s boneless music. Folk is witnessing a revival in the indie scene, and those who are nostalgic for rooted music are excited, including myself. Perhaps it’s the honesty of homegrown music that listeners crave nowadays or that people simply want to hear a good story. Regardless,… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: The Rest

The making of The Rest’s third album, Seesaw, began under the most tragic circumstances when their friend, mentor, and producer, Dan Achen, passed away from a heartattack while playing hockey. As an homage to their late friend, the band recorded Seesaw at his converted church studio in the same manner as they would have if he was still alive. Satisfied with the album’s progress, they scheduled to… Read More ›

LET’S TAKE IT 2 THE MAX! An Interview with Max Layton

Interview by Charmaine Santos I first stumbled upon Max’s debut album, Heartbeat of Time, after reading his Globe and Mail interview with The Toronto Quarterly’s Darryl Salach. Upon hearing the opening melody and words of the album’s first track, “Yes”, I was immediately engulfed by the profound darkness that drove Max to pick up his… Read More ›

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