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Recently Arrived to Planet Earth: Delta Will “It All Glows” Review

Imagine (just for a minute…humor me please) that you are an alien recently arrived to this beloved planet of ours. You know no one, and everything about this new world is so overwhelmingly different than what you’re used to.  For one thing, there’s this thing called gravity that keeps you from flying aimlessly through the… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: UMMAGMA

How much more fitting could it be for a love affair to blossom at an outdoor acoustic guitar concert between two musicians? Comprised of Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon, Ummagma is a dynamic Canadian-Ukrainian duo, founded in Moscow in 2003, where Kretov and McLarnon met coincidentally at an acoustic concert. The relationship between the two… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Sam Pinkerton

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Sam Pinkerton has released three songs, all of which are available to download from her website. Her formula is simple: guitar, voice, feeling. It is amazing how much the pick of guitar can make you feel, especially when it is paired with a perplexingly calming voice – a voice with such a peculiar… Read More ›

Album Review: Rebekah Delgado’s “Don’t Sleep”

Rebekah Delgado’s redheaded, doe eyed looks keep a secret—one that’s only revealed the moment when she opens her mouth to sing. The voice that Delgado harbors is contradictory to her sweet appearance; it’s grainy, rough and occasionally emotionally ragged, but the lyrics that she croons come straight from the heart. Aptly named after Delgado’s chronic… Read More ›

MUSIC VIDEO: The Rest – Hey! For Horses

ABOUT THE REST The making of The Rest’s third album, Seesaw, began under the most tragic circumstances when their friend, mentor, and producer, Dan Achen, passed away from a heartattack while playing hockey. As an homage to their late friend, the band recorded Seesaw at his converted church studio in the same manner as they would have if he was still alive. Satisfied with the album’s progress, they scheduled to… Read More ›

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