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ALBUM REVIEW: Ray Wilson’s “Chasing Rainbows” (2013)

By now it’s no secret that Genesis is pretty much my favourite band of all time, and even though the band has called it quits, it is a distinct joy for me every time one of its former members puts out a record of their own. Ray Wilson is no exception. For those of you just catching… Read More ›

Review: Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited II (2012)

Genesis, 1971: enter the spartan, black-clad, brooding figure known as Steve Hackett. As stated in previous articles, Genesis is one of the few bands out there about which I can honestly say I love the contributions of every single member who’s ever graced their line-up. Their 1970 sophomore album Trespass is unabashedly my favourite album of theirs and… Read More ›

Force Ten: 10 Ten-Minute Progressive Songs You Should Hear!

Hello readers! We all know progressive artists love a lengthy programme, and there are some truly fantastic prog tunes that stretch well past the twenty-minute marker, but what kind of challenge would it be to compile a list of super-long tunes? I opted instead to put together a list of epic progressive tunes that seemingly go the distance… Read More ›

Keys To Ascension: 10 Prog Keyboardists You Should Hear!

Welcome back friends and travellers. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that Charmaine recently shared with us her list of ten greatest guitar solos and has inadvertently inspired me to put together this little list. In order to distance myself a little from that topic, I’ve chosen to focus on the keyboard since it has been such… Read More ›

Review: Ray Wilson & the Berlin Symphony Ensemble – Genesis Classic, Live In Poznań (2011)

To quote a classic Genesis tune, “they say that time is a healer.” This has been proven to be especially true in progressive music. Now, I’m a huge Genesis fan, and I love every single incarnation of said band, so maybe it won’t come as such a surprise that I am a Ray Wilson supporter. Ray Wilson’s… Read More ›

There Must Be Some Misunderstanding!

People label what they don’t understand… Ladies and gentlemen, fellow astral travellers and spatial spectrals, I’m here to write about that wonderful, over-arching genre known by many today simply as ‘prog’. That marvellous, ever-changing genre that is destined to be misunderstood by most, including some who believe they are fans. Progressive music has been around forever. It’s… Read More ›

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