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Wave Maker Magazine goes to Edgefest 2013

It was a bold experiment: send a stuffy prog man into the heart of a notoriously mainstream summer rock festival and see what happens. The truth is, I went in extremely open-minded, as one probably should to something one knows little about, and I came out rain-soaked with a big smile on my face. Hey,… Read More ›

Concert Review: The Flowers of Hell (w/ Ostrich Tuning) Album Release (September 21, 2012)

What is the perfect type of music? This is a question that has plagued the medium since the moaning and chanting cave-people shook their fists at those damn, no-good, headbanging, coconut banging cave-people. Writers of German Romanticism in the late 1800’s claimed that absolute music was music containing no story or message and that it must simply be… Read More ›

The Bills Are Back? Yes Please!

Every location is defined by a musical flavour.  Music enters the canon and is permanently linked to that place – the Blues for the Mississippi delta, the jig or reel for Ireland, and surf rock for California.  With their fourth album, Yes Please, The Bills look to create a sound that generations to come will recognize… Read More ›

Review: Ray Wilson & the Berlin Symphony Ensemble – Genesis Classic, Live In Poznań (2011)

To quote a classic Genesis tune, “they say that time is a healer.” This has been proven to be especially true in progressive music. Now, I’m a huge Genesis fan, and I love every single incarnation of said band, so maybe it won’t come as such a surprise that I am a Ray Wilson supporter. Ray Wilson’s… Read More ›

Chuck Prophet Rocks the Ark in Ann Arbor!

Chuck Prophet and his band, the Mission Express, stopped by for a show at the Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Sunday. Just about every seat in the intimate folk venue was filled with lovers of acoustic music (including a not-so-inconspicuous camera crew that was shooting footage for a live DVD). Prophet is touring after… Read More ›

CONCERT REVIEW: The Jesus and Mary Chain @ The Phoenix (August 3, 2012)

Far gone and out? Hardly. Cracking up? Not even close. No, if anything, these days find veteran Scottish post-punk outfit The Jesus and Mary Chain is arguably better than ever. To put it simply, the Reid bros and co’s workmanlike and roughly 80-minute set at the Phoenix was – and I promise this is the… Read More ›

CONCERT REVIEW: Destroyer Headlines at Toronto’s Jazz Festival 2012!

Destroyer’s Dan Bejar is known to have a stage presence that mirrors his public persona: aloof, detached, possibly disinterested. However, a keener eye will discern a frontman who is immersed in the performance of the best music of his career. That is, at least, the case at Destroyer’s headlining slot as part of the Toronto… Read More ›

CONCERT REVIEW: The Cranberries @ Sound Academy (May 9, 2012)

As a 90’s kid, who was and is still a fan of The Cranberries’s better known tunes, I found it difficult to pass up the chance to witness them live at Toronto’s Sound Academy. Even though I was a bit apprehensive with thoughts that the show experience would be saturated by new materials from their… Read More ›

CONCERT REVIEW: Fun. @ Kool Haus (Wednesday, April 25, 2012)

From the very first note, the crowd sang along at full volume. For a split second, fun. seemed taken aback, but they quickly absorbed the energy and returned it to the audience for the rest of the show. It was a fierce battle over who loved who more, with fun. finally gracing the stage in… Read More ›

CONCERT REVIEW: The Buddy Guy Experience @ Massey Hall ( Friday, April 13, 2012)

Heaven, according to Jimi Hendrix, is lying at Buddy Guy’s feet while listening to him play the blues on his Stratocaster. Those who have had the privilege of witnessing any of Buddy’s electrified live performances will also agree that they too have had a little taste of Heaven within those two hours. For more than… Read More ›

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