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No Lies: Spotlight on Scene

Every once and a while, absolutely fantastic new music comes straight out of nowhere and lights a signal fire to remind me that the future of music isn’t all that bleak. The feeling of excitement I get when this happens is what reinforces my faith and keeps me passionate about music. I mean, one can… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: Camel – Moonmadness (1976)

It is very difficult to select just one record to cover from such a fantastic and underrated band, but we’d be here till the second coming if I were to go through all of Camel’s fourteen studio albums in detail. Instead, I’d have you take a look at the first one I ever picked up, and the… Read More ›

Keys To Ascension: 10 Prog Keyboardists You Should Hear!

Welcome back friends and travellers. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that Charmaine recently shared with us her list of ten greatest guitar solos and has inadvertently inspired me to put together this little list. In order to distance myself a little from that topic, I’ve chosen to focus on the keyboard since it has been such… Read More ›

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