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What About Me: 12 Richie Havens Tunes You Should Hear

I know I usually write about prog, but please indulge a momentary lapse so that I might introduce you to (or remind you of, if you are a fellow listener) Mr. Richie Havens. There are few artists out there whose work I have collected over the years who possess an amount of raw soul even close to… Read More ›

Chuck Prophet Rocks the Ark in Ann Arbor!

Chuck Prophet and his band, the Mission Express, stopped by for a show at the Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Sunday. Just about every seat in the intimate folk venue was filled with lovers of acoustic music (including a not-so-inconspicuous camera crew that was shooting footage for a live DVD). Prophet is touring after… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Sunsplitter

You can call it the antithesis to some of today’s boneless music. Folk is witnessing a revival in the indie scene, and those who are nostalgic for rooted music are excited, including myself. Perhaps it’s the honesty of homegrown music that listeners crave nowadays or that people simply want to hear a good story. Regardless,… Read More ›

Charmaine’s Top 10 Albums!

My Top 10 Albums will undoubtedly change over the next few years, but these 10 have served as the soundtracks of my life ever since I can remember. These musicians have given me consolation in times of loneliness and grief, and they have helped to further elevate my spirit in times of great joy. Take the time to listen to each album! You… Read More ›

Bob Dylan to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Damn right! The New York Times reported today that the United States will be awarding Bob Dylan with a Presidential Medal of Freedom, along with 13 other recipients. This medal is the highest civilian honor given to individuals who have made great contributions to the country. Obama expressed that Dylan is ‘the most influential American… Read More ›

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