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Ryan’s Top 30 Albums of the Last 10 Years (2004-2014) Pt. 2 of 3

It’s come to this. Since I’m usually on about something completely ancient, I’ve decided to compile a rough list of my favourite albums over the last ten years. I’ll warn you, there are thirty of them altogether and they span a few different genres. The list is presented in absolutely no particular order. While I’m sure I could… Read More ›

Force Ten: 10 Ten-Minute Progressive Songs You Should Hear!

Hello readers! We all know progressive artists love a lengthy programme, and there are some truly fantastic prog tunes that stretch well past the twenty-minute marker, but what kind of challenge would it be to compile a list of super-long tunes? I opted instead to put together a list of epic progressive tunes that seemingly go the distance… Read More ›

The Choice Wasn’t Hard To Choose: Spotlight on Astra

Friends, I hope you’ll pardon the imagery when I tell you that Astra is a prog fan’s wet dream. Formed in 2001 as Silver Sunshine, the band took on new members in 2006 and renamed themselves Astra. Fortunately, unlike many of their peers, the band has managed to keep all of their members since the change. Hailing from… Read More ›

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