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Recently Arrived to Planet Earth: Delta Will “It All Glows” Review

Imagine (just for a minute…humor me please) that you are an alien recently arrived to this beloved planet of ours. You know no one, and everything about this new world is so overwhelmingly different than what you’re used to.  For one thing, there’s this thing called gravity that keeps you from flying aimlessly through the… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: True Widow’s “Circumambulation”

True Widow is a band I’ve kept my eye on for a while, trying desperately to draw attention to the unique and seemingly obvious synthesis they’ve created. Think about it: combining the slow, bluesy tempos and bends of stoner metal with the equally glacial, texturally appeasing volume of shoegaze seems like a win-win of disparate… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: The Knife’s “Shaking The Habitual”

The Swedish sibling duo of Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer, together known as The Knife, have had a hand in turning the music industry on its head in the post-millennium despite having long gaps between releases or even undisguised appearances. Forsaking the smiling and handshaking that perpetually opens doors in the popular music industry,… Read More ›

Kyla la Grange: The Rise of the Pop Anti-Princess

“It’s real music with incredibly personal content and emotional deliverance. I love this album.” I Blame Coco Disenchanted, alienated, lost, poetic…These are words that are usually associated with the Holden Caulfield’s of the literary community; boys of great depth whose critically acclaimed reflections on life are so-called lights guiding us through the darkness. ASHES, the… Read More ›

PABLO’S RAMBLES ft. Steely Dan & Led Zeppelin

“Jazz rock, Blues rock, even if it’s Funk rock, It’s still rock n roll to me . . .” Steely Dan – Aja Ok, is this rock? Or is it jazz? I also hear a sprinkling of RnB . . . The Dan had always had that distinctive sound that is hard to pigeon hole…. Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: Doldrums’s “Egypt EP”

Doldrums’s moment is dawning, slowly but surely. Montreal-based Toronto native Airick Woodhead has contributed to two of the records found on the Polaris Music Prize shortlist (Cadence Weapon’s Hope in Dirt City – for which he made the album’s bangingest beat, “Get On Down” – and Grimes’s Visions), and now, as far as I’m concerned,… Read More ›

PABLO’S RAMBLES ft. Elton John & America

While one blankets us with lush arrangements, the other sets our foot tapping with its minimal acoustic harmonies. Elton John and America provides my rambles with that desired diversity. Elton John – Elton John Before achieving that glitzy, pop superstar status in the late 70’s, Elton john was foremost a singer/songwriter of the highest caliber –… Read More ›

PABLO’S RAMBLES ft. Santana & Chicago

Latin-inspired rock by Santana and jazz-influenced rock by Chicago showcase fusion during the classic rock era at its very best. Santana – Abraxas I was blown away by Santana’s debut album, but Abraxas steps it up a notch. Carlos continues that Latin-inspired rock found in the first release that has been his signature ever since, and after 40+ years… Read More ›

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