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REVIEW: Flyleaf – Who We Are (2013)

I was heartbroken when Lacey Sturm announced her departure from Flyleaf late last year. I believe it was late in 2005 when I heard the band via the American station 103.3 The Edge (I was working twelve-hour night shifts close to lake Ontario and could listen if my car was parked in the right place). I seem to… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: Ray Wilson’s “Chasing Rainbows” (2013)

By now it’s no secret that Genesis is pretty much my favourite band of all time, and even though the band has called it quits, it is a distinct joy for me every time one of its former members puts out a record of their own. Ray Wilson is no exception. For those of you just catching… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: UMMAGMA

How much more fitting could it be for a love affair to blossom at an outdoor acoustic guitar concert between two musicians? Comprised of Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon, Ummagma is a dynamic Canadian-Ukrainian duo, founded in Moscow in 2003, where Kretov and McLarnon met coincidentally at an acoustic concert. The relationship between the two… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: The Lumineers – The Lumineers (2012)

Better late than never. I’ll admit I’m not the most ‘with it’ of people. I don’t listen to the radio unless someone else has it on. I don’t have cable, because I hate most of what modern television has to offer (and I strongly dislike being bombarded with commercials). I don’t really read other magazines,… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: Dirty Beaches’s “Drifters/Love Is The Devil”

Capturing a sense of synthesized nostalgia is a big selling point, as I can attest to with my own record collection, which consists of approximately half of my purchases. The other (approximate) half is important personal nostalgia, and we can leave it at that. What I mean is that we hold a pretty high gauntlet… Read More ›

No Lies: Spotlight on Scene

Every once and a while, absolutely fantastic new music comes straight out of nowhere and lights a signal fire to remind me that the future of music isn’t all that bleak. The feeling of excitement I get when this happens is what reinforces my faith and keeps me passionate about music. I mean, one can… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: Beady Eye’s “BE”

The gear’s different and Beady Eye sure aren’t speeding this time out. Not a bad thing, really. Far from it – if anything, BE, the brit-rock quartet’s follow-up to 2011’s impressive debut LP finds the Liam Gallagher and co. flourishing while moving into ambitious new sonic territory. Okay, yes, the LP’s 11 numbers are very… Read More ›

ALBUM REVIEW: Sound of Contact – Dimensionaut (2013)

Please indulge this astral traveller as he attempts to make it through this review without touching on a certain something that seems to be getting some of the band’s fans all riled up. Normally I don’t like to pander to anyone, but what the hell, it might be kind of neat to review a record while totally… Read More ›

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for: Sam Pinkerton

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Sam Pinkerton has released three songs, all of which are available to download from her website. Her formula is simple: guitar, voice, feeling. It is amazing how much the pick of guitar can make you feel, especially when it is paired with a perplexingly calming voice – a voice with such a peculiar… Read More ›

And When They Sing: Spotlight on Neverending White Lights

I’m as much a sucker for one-man projects as I am for subtle, brooding atmosphere, and those two aweinspiring elements come together as one in Neverending White Lights. The sad truth is, a lot of people don’t appreciate how very hard it is for one man to put together an entire musical project. There are many who would… Read More ›

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