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MUSIC VIDEO: The Autumn Portrait’s “Ghost”

January 9, 2014

ABOUT GHOST “Ghost” is the latest music video from Vancouver native Freddie Mojallal, a.k.a. The Autumn Portrait. The location of this video may seem familiar to a lot of Torontonians – after experiencing a broken heart, Freddie relocated to Toronto to connect with his listeners through his sincere songs of loss and heartache. Filmed in… Read More ›

MUSIC VIDEO: Womb – Baby Don’t Love Me

ABOUT WOMB One stormy day, Lighting Hopkins and Django Reinhardt stole a time machine-caravan from the mucky creeks of Gypsy-Rhythm. This time machine-caravan was driven by a stoned mule into the future to meet Jack White and the ghost of Cab Calloway. It was never known exactly what occurred when the union of these people… Read More ›

MUSIC VIDEO: The Bedroom Hour – Slow Motion Cinema

Many of us have come face-to-face and have had our lives shattered by cancer. Whether you have lost a loved one or have battled the disease yourself, it forces us all to reflect on our vulnerability to time and encourages us to recognize the beauty of life. The Bedroom Hour’s “Slow Motion Cinema” is a… Read More ›

MUSIC VIDEO: Kelly and the Kellygirls – Sea Dogs

ABOUT KELLY AND THE KELLYGIRLS Toronto Renaissance Man R.Kelly Clipperton founded Kelly & The Kellygirls in 2003. In the 10 years since, the band has released 3 studio albums, 1 live DVD/album, 1 Mini-Album, toured Canada 4 times, the UK/France twice and California. The band, currently a 7-piece, known for its unique cultural fusion of… Read More ›

MUSIC VIDEO: The Rest – Who Knows

ABOUT “WHO KNOWS” This is the fourth video in a series of ten, which will cover every song off of The Rest’s album SEESAW.  The video features a mental institution, geometry, Adam’s twin brother, 3D printing, hugs, science, birds, and explosions! You might be thinking, “… of course it does”, but The Rest swears that it’s… Read More ›

MUSIC VIDEO: Air Marshal Landing – Little Town

 ABOUT AIR MARSHAL LANDING Three brothers, not fraternal, but brothers nonetheless. Music that is instantly recognizable, yet different. A mix ofmidnight optimism and afternoon bitterness, where daydreams and reality meet for biscuits and tea. Love, lies, humour, uncertainty, and confession – a soundtrack to our lives … continue reading ABOUT “LITTLE TOWN” “Little Town” is a… Read More ›

MUSIC VIDEO: The Rest – Always On My Mind

ABOUT “ALWAYS ON MY MIND” This is the third video in a series of ten, which will cover every song off of The Rest’s album SEESAW.  The stunning visuals in the short film are created by director Karl E. Richter. It’s a surreal look at domestic purgatory, which was shot last August in a whirlwind 24… Read More ›

MUSIC VIDEO PREMIER: Latenite Automatic – Ghost Love

  ABOUT LATENITE AUTOMATIC Electro, punk, rock, and experimental artist Latenite Automatic  is J on vocals, guitars, synths, piano, bass, beats, programming. Latenite Automatic is also a revolving door of talented guest musicians, producers, and DJs … continue reading Stay tuned for an exclusive “Up-&-Comers” interview with Latenite Automatic!   LATENITE AUTOMATIC LINKS: Official Website: http://lateniteautomatic.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/lateniteauto Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/lateniteauto…… Read More ›

Music Video & Song Review of SPC ECO’s “Push”

Trick question: what do you get when you combine a multi-talented and already musically successful father with his bright daughter, who is blessed with a voice that is bound to haunt your memory? You get SPC ECO, that’s what. SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) is the dynamic father-daughter duo composed of singer and lyricist Rose Berlin,… Read More ›

MUSIC VIDEO: The Foreign Films – 4,000 Photographs

ABOUT THE FOREIGN FILMS For Bill Majoros (aka the Foreign Films) songwriting presents many different spheres — modern yet classic, cinematic yet deeply personal. The Foreign Films represents a soundtrack of his life experiences, weaving sonic elements of the past, present and future into a bittersweet genre-bounding pop. Star gazing and heartbreaking all at once…. Read More ›

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