A Toronto-based music junkie storehouse


I am an artist/publicist. Who do I submit my music/press releases to?
Send your goods to wavemakermagazine@hotmail.com. Please introduce yourself and provide all the links to guide us to your music (if we receive an email that only includes a link and a mere “Hi there!”, we might consider your email as spam.) We also prefer streams over downloads!

How do you decide which artist(s) to cover?
We don’t work with a specific criteria here at WMM. It’s very simple: if your music sounds good to us, we will cover your work. Sound subjective? Well, doesn’t the subjectivity of art make us treasure what moves us the most?

How come I haven’t heard back from you after I sent you my music?
Like you, life sometimes throws us in a whirlwind of personal commitments, and although we listen and consider every submission, we cannot guaranteed that everyone will receive a reply and a review and/or interview. If we do review your music, you will either receive a link to the published article through an email or a shout-out in any of our social media. In other words, you’ll know!

Where can I send CDs for reviews?
Please contact us at wavemakermagazine@hotmail.com, and we will provide you with the mailing address.

Who can I contact about advertising on your website?
You can chat with Charmaine at wavemakermagazine@hotmail.com.

I am a writer/photographer, and I want to join your team! Who can I contact?
Introduce yourself to Charmaine at wavemakermagazine@hotmail.com, and include two samples of your writing and/or send us a link to your online portfolio.

I still need my question(s) answered!
Send your enquiries to wavemakermagazine@hotmail.com


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