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Recently Arrived to Planet Earth: Delta Will “It All Glows” Review

it all glows

Imagine (just for a minute…humor me please) that you are an alien recently arrived to this beloved planet of ours. You know no one, and everything about this new world is so overwhelmingly different than what you’re used to.  For one thing, there’s this thing called gravity that keeps you from flying aimlessly through the atmosphere, and for another instead of massive space rocks for scenery there are skyscrapers. What is your first reaction? How do you adjust to this new life? What do you feel? WHAT DO YOU DO?  These are all hypothetical questions, of course, but feel free to answer them to yourself if you feel so inclined.

delta willDelta Will is one such intergalactic being that has recently stepped foot on planet earth. But, instead of pondering the aforementioned questions dumbly as most of us surely would, he decided to use Charles Tilden’s body as a vessel to create synth laden, bluesy pop songs that transform his experiences on earth into works of art.  Ingenious, right? I wonder if Tilden minds? I have to admit, this is my first encounter with alien produced music, but I was mightily impressed by what Delta Will-as-Charles-Tilden has created, so I’m guessing Tilden is just fine with having his body commandeered by an interstellar creature.

Out of Delta Will’s experiences, It All Glows EP was born, detailing his experiences as an honourary human being on planet earth. The EP is poignant; ripe with synth and guitar accompanied by Tilden’s beautiful vocals and well crafted harmonies. The lyrics are thoughtful, dark, and ponder our existence on earth and the potential of an upcoming apocalypse. Each song explores a different facet of the nature of what it means to be human, something that Delta Will has caught wind of and has seemed to grasp with ease. It can’t be easy being a foreign visitor on an unknown planet, but Delta Will seems to fit in quite nicely.

The title track of the album is a real gem, beginning with some synth-produced sounds that are vaguely reminiscent of space ship noises. Play that part back and close your eyes and it’s easy to imagine that you are on some sort of spacecraft, floating through outer space. A guitar riff is introduced and the tone is set—the song is upbeat, contagious, and something very easy to listen to on repeat (I definitely did that a few times…). The synth and guitar swirl around each other in perfect harmony to create a sound that is intergalactic but very human at the same time. The pulsing undertone of the synth has a way of bringing you back to that spacecraft floating through the atmosphere, while the guitar riffs remind you that you are very much planted firmly on earth. It is the perfect balance of what Delta Will is, a space being come to live on earth using a human’s body to get by.

“It All Glows,” is a profession of Delta Will’s first impression of planet earth; how everything is what the books say the earth is like, but having experienced it firsthand things are so much different. The haunting tones of the synth are like a reminder of Delta Will’s old life in space, a life very different from the one he’s come to know using Charles Tilden’s body to get around. Tilden’s voice is evocative, and the wistful vocals in the background of the song showcase his falsetto and true vocal talent. Delta Will and Charles Tilden are a musical match made in heaven, creating beautiful melodies that explore ideas and thoughts much bigger than you and I.

“It All Glows” is a masterful, pulsating, alive, fusion of something intergalactic that we may never truly understand, and human concepts that we are still trying to figure out. Delta Will has created something quite impressive. Here’s hoping he likes planet earth enough to stay long-term.

Check out Delta Will’s website: www.deltawill.com to catch the last leg of his tour, and learn more about this intriguing being.



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