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Rock.Dance.Repeat. | An interview with Latenite Automatic!

Latenite Automatic

February is an exciting month for Latenite Automatic. With the February 1st premier of their video for “Ghost Love” and the anticipated release of their debut album “You Are Electric?” on the 27th, the band’s hypnotic rhythms will now begin to raid your senses like a wildfire. Vancouver’s Jay Brown is the mastermind behind electronic, alternative, rock band Latenite Automatic. Uncontained by a single genre, the band garners its unique sound from Jay’s knack for juggling vocals, guitar, synth, piano, bass, beats and programming. Although a solo project, Jay has welcomed a “revolving door” of exceptional producers, DJs and musicians, including Steve Bays from Hot Hot Heat.

Wave Maker Magazine had the privilege of chatting with Jay about the birth of Latenite Automatic, “Ghost Love”, and Steve’s mesmerizing orb of hair.

WMM: Could you give us an insight on how Latenite Automatic came to be?

JAY: I love R.E.M.. I always have. I love how free they were with their music. They weren’t afraid to incorporate different styles/ genres into their core R.E.M. sound, and I wanted to be in a band like that. Late one night, I was listening to R.E.M.’s album Automatic for the People and decided, after years of being in projects that fit one specific style, that I would create a project that had no set musical parameters and Latenite Automatic was born.

WMM: Who are your musical influences, and have they helped to shape your sound in any way?

JAY: NIN, R.E.M., Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, The Cure are the obvious influences that people seem to comment on but I love all music. I’m constantly reading about the history of music, connecting the dots between different genres and exploring the through line is something that excites me. I’m influenced by everything from rock to country to hip hop to black metal, to the Mini Pops….well maybe not that last one.

WMM: Which living musician would you like to work with and would eventually pry into their genius?

JAY: Latenite Automatic is unique in that it’s basically my (Jay Brown) solo music project but it also features a revolving door of different contributors. I’m lucky because some of my favorite musicians, producers and DJs have all contributed to this project.  Steve Bays from Hot Hot Heat was involved. He remixed a song on the debut album. He was a supporter of the project from early on and that really excited me because I’m such a fan of his work. I’m also a fan of his hair. Have you seen his glorious golden locks?! Don’t stare at it. It’s like looking directly into the sun and the arc of the covenant and the face of god at the same time. Did I over sell that? By the way, Steve has a new project called Fur Trade that is amazing.

I look forward to seeing who I will be able to work with in the future. I really want to record with Dave “Rave” Ogilvie. He’s a legend. he’s worked with Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Skinny Puppy. Right now Latenite has an industrial element that we sort of hinted on in the first record. I want to work with him to see how he could help expand on it.

WMM: For those of us anticipating to see one of your live shows, what should we expect?

JAY: The live show has a number of different versions. When you come see Latenite Automatic you’ll never know which version you’re going to see. It could be a two piece dj style set, a three piece band with no drummer or a full five piece with a drummer.  Expect an emotional roller coaster. We want you to be exhausted when you leave. You may need a nap…hopefully next to someone sexy.

WMM: Anything on the agenda that we should be looking forward to?

JAY: We just released our first official video for the song Ghost Love on Feb. 1st and we have our debut independent album called ” You Are Electric?” coming out on Feb. 27th. We’re very excited!

WMM: Any final words for WMM’s readers?

JAY: Dig up.

You can buy the single, “Ghost Love”, on iTunes:
OR via Latenite Automatic’s Bandcamp site!


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  1. Hey Jay, great interview! Ghost Love Rocks and Can’t wait for the Album release!


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