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ROAD TRIPPIN’ Playlist ft. Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Band, Led Zeppelin, BB King & The Doors

Yesterday’s early morning trip to Lake Erie with my family inspired me to create this playlist. With only a few cars in sight, the highways were quiet and were in desperate need of some classics to fill the silence.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Zephyr Song

It would have been too obvious to put Californication‘s Road Trippin’ as one of the tracks on this playlist. I didn’t want to be that predictable, so here’s another great driving tune from By The Way:

The Band – Up On Cripple Creek

If you’re heading south and you’re passing barren green lands along the way, there is no better soundtrack to your drive than The Band’s The Brown Album:

Led Zeppelin – Ramble On

It took me a while to figure out which Led Zeppelin song I should put in this playlist. It was a toss-up between Going to California and Ramble On. I guess while driving at 6 in the morning, it’s best to steer clear from songs that will encourage you to down an entire bottle of wine:

BB King – Riding with the King

This music video portrays one of my greatest dreams: cruising around town in a sick classic convertible, with BB King playing the blues in the backseat. Seriously folks, who would need a radio!?

The Doors – Roadhouse Blues

“You gotta roll, roll, roll
You gotta thrill my soul, all right
Roll, roll, roll, roll
Thrill my soul
You gotta beep a gunk a chucha
Honk konk konk
You gotta each you puna
Each ya bop a luba
Each yall bump a kechonk
Ease sum konk
Ya, ride”

At 6 in the morning, what you sing and what you say don’t have to make sense …

Want to share your own roadtrip playlist? Send it over to: wavemakermagazine@hotmail.com and we’ll feature it on the Wave Maker Magazine website!

Playlist by Charmaine Santos


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  1. You’ve reminded me that I do not have enough RHCP on my iPod. Thank you!

    Great suggestions…


    • There’s always never enough RHCP in mine! 🙂
      Thank you very much for checking out our post and commenting! It is much appreciated!
      We hope you enjoy browsing through the rest of our site!

  2. BB king Nightlife would also work great (at least for late night rides)

    • Thanks for the recommendation, and I couldn’t agree more!
      I think popping in any BB King album will guarantee a smooth ride!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. i guess i’m just obvious, i love putting road trippin’ on my travel mixes. i’ll do better next time – i’m definitely going to use up on cripple creek!

    • Oh, don’t get us wrong… we have Road Trippin’ on heavy rotation in our travel mixes too! We just wanted to spice things up a bit 🙂
      Thanks for leaving a comment! It is much appreciated!

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  5. Not a huge fan of recent Red Hot Chili Pepper’s stuff. I much prefer the more raw, early stuff. But I can see where a few of their songs would be PERFECT for a road trip. And I don’t listen to much of The Band. They have a Grateful Dead feel to them. Laid back for sure. You certainly have my vote for Led Zeppelin and The Doors. Excellent choices!! Thanks for sharing…

  6. Nice work. Enjoyed the collection.

  7. Reblogged this on DJ Splash Kidd's Blog and commented:
    Enjoyable “old school” playlist for the road!

  8. Awesome playlist for a road trip.

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  10. I really liked your site and road trip music. Inspired me to finish WordPress course and get my website up: witchcraft bibliography. Maybe I should consider putting music with it.

    • Yes, share the music! Thanks so much for commenting 🙂
      PS: Blogging is a lot of fun, especially when you share what you’re most passionate about! We encourage you to continue 🙂

  11. Thank you for the recomendation

  12. For years I have started journeys with Paul Simon’s Graceland. Just seems to fit the feeling of hitting the road.

  13. This blog is gansta!
    Steven Wade, Edinburgh and Dundee

  14. Love that B.B. King album! I would have added some Eric Clapton in there too like Layla or some other song to completely air guitar solo to. Can’t say I disagree to these choices, I’d love to drive and listen. I may also send you a top five of mine too!

  15. Gosh, the more I see B.B. King the more I’m digging him.

  16. I am definitely going to listen to these songs! I do have a road trip coming up soon!

  17. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Led Zeppelin album are on my ipod now. Currently listening to it, just trippin’ a bit. 🙂

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  18. Great choices. Do you sing along with the songs? 🙂

  19. LOVE the picture with B.B. King…perfect setting for sure! Bring on the music!
    You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

  20. Nice list but for a very short trip 🙂 Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'”?

  21. All time favorite road trip song is “Nowhere Town” by the Bastard Sons of Johny Cash. Kind of an obscure track, but awesome road company.

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  23. nice post and blog….am very enjoy visit this site..greeting for me http://batu-mustika.indonetwork.co.id/group+130296/benda-bertuah.htm

  24. Una buena lista para disfrutar…buen trabajo.

  25. Great list! I find that “All Along the Watchtower”- Jimi Hendrix, is also pretty awesome for road trips.

  26. Excellent post. This is really a good work. I appreciate your efforts behind that.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for leaving a comment! Your feedback is much appreciated 🙂
      We hope you enjoyed going through our other playlists too!

  27. I also made a SUMMER ROAD TRIP PLAYLIST on my blog a few weeks ago! Check it out!! Hope you like it! Funny there’s no overlap. I’ll have to add your songs to mine for my next road trip! xo Heather http://brooklynbabysocial.com/2012/05/24/summer-roadtrip-mix/

  28. I went for quite ‘cheesy’ options for our recent road trip through Europe:
    Motorhead – Ace of Spades
    Meat Loaf – Bat out of hell
    Bruce Springsteen – Born to run
    Gary Numan – Cars
    The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations
    AC/DC – Highway to hell (potentially the best song to sum up the driving part of the trip!)
    Roxette – Joyride
    Chuck Berry – No paticular place to go
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Road Trippin’

    My tastes (if you can refer to what i like as taste!) vary but I think a lot of the time, especially for this trip, I just wanted it to be a bit of fun 🙂

  29. Great selection!
    But did you miss out the work of a fellow Canadian band?? 🙂 Born Too Be Wild by Steppenwolf is a must on any road trippin’ list of mine. They say it was the first heavy metal number and also featured in the movie Easy Rider.
    Plus, I wouldn’t miss out the Doors- Riders On The Storm. Jim Morrison on his hitchhiker theme and Ray Manzarek creating rain on keyboards. Awesome!!! 🙂

  30. Up on Cripple Creek is my JAM! The Band is such a good band. Rock on!

  31. I used to listen to the Doors, Rolling Stones, and Garbage on long road trips between Edmonton and Calgary or Vancouver. Congrats on FP!

  32. I believe you missed “Party in the USA” By Miley Cyrus……

  33. NIce playlist for the roadtrip.thank you for sharing.
    marg swarnabhoomi

  34. Cool playlist!
    Spot on with Roadhouse and Ramble On.
    I’d probably start my trip with EC’s Blues Power and shift to higher gear with Mark-Almond’s Busy On The Line- nothing like listening to Cobham smack those skins as you push that pedal to the metal.
    Thanks for the other recos.

    bb3 (Manila, Philippines)

    • And thank you for leaving us your recommendations 🙂 Clapton’s Blues Power is definitely one bangin’ tune to cruise to!

  35. This is a great playlist for the summer! I posted my own list of songs for the road warrior recently. Let me know what you think!

  36. Nice post. Yeah, my husband and I are moving to California soon and I’m looking forward to creating a great playlist for the road. I like all of yours. Perhaps I’ll add them to the list. Congrats on FP!

    • Thanks a bunch for commenting 🙂 We’re glad that you enjoyed our list! Safe and fun travels to you and your husband and best of luck to your new life in Cali!

  37. this is one of the better blogs ive read in the last 6 months, love it, great work

    • Thank you so much for this wonderful comment. We’re always so thrilled to know that we’re keeping our readers happy with our materials 🙂 We have so much more in store for you including a new interview and giveaway, so keep an eye out today! Thanks again!

  38. lol. i love to hear the script, john mayers and mick jaggers too when i am on move

  39. have to see him live too! He’s really the greatest blues singing alive

  40. Nice work. Enjoyed the collection.

  41. Reblogged this on Anonymous Music and commented:
    Found this totally fitting with what I am doing here. Hope you enjoy!



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